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Acting Studio 101 is founded by Jazmen-Bleu.  She studied at California Institute of the Arts one of the top three acting schools in the nation along with top alumni Tim Burton, Don Cheadle, Alison Brie, Cecily Strong, and many more. Calarts is based in Los Angeles, it's known as "Juilliard of the West". Trained by well-established teachers in voice, speech, movement, classical theatre, and film. Being immersed in a conservatory based college has molded her foundation and expanded her toolbox. Jazmen has featured in films, wide variety theatre shows, and has performed at the John F. Kennedy Center of The Performing Arts.  She is trained in voice, speech, movement, and acting for film. Her mentors are all working and have longevity and success in their careers. They have featured in Broadway shows, top TV networks such as ABC, NBC , Netflix, and many more. They have taught her how to live as the character and to be present. From performing on stages to acting on camera, it has given her a burning passion to teach those what she has learned. Acting Studio 101 helps expand the actors toolbox and helps students to be prepared for whatever role, audition, or acting agency they want to be signed with. Acting Studio 101  invites a safe space and allows the actor to dig deep and work without ego.  Acting Studio 101 works on different methods from Uta Hagen, Konstantin Stanislavski and helping the actor make organic choices. Acting Studio 101 works with actors and actresses from all ages and levels. The main purpose of this studio is to have transformations and breakthroughs in the actor’s process.  “Play well, or play badly but play truly.” “Konstantin Stanislavsk”

Jazmen-Bleu is a passionate, driven, and well-established individual creating a space where students are able to grow and cultivate their practice. She wants to share with her students what she has learned from her extensive background of performing, years of training, and influences from Los Angeles. Acting Studio 101 is providing the tools and assets that students need to be successful in the industry. San Antonio is her hometown and she wants to give back by being a voice to those chasing their dreams. 

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Diving into scripts, monologues and cold reads for either auditions, top agencies or  a top theatre school. During this class we will find the right material for your brand. We work on stage presence, resumes and interviews. Working in an ensemble environment allows actors to learn and grow from others. At the end of the course we will be recording material for the actor to have for either audition submissions or demo reel.


One one attention allows me to work with students on individual basis needs.  During private lessons we find pieces that helps client grow and unlock their greatest potential.  We dive into cold reads, self tapes for auditions , script analysis and character analysis. Either it’s for getting ready for a showcase, getting accepted into top theatre school, getting signed into agency or booking roles these lessons can prepare you for those needs.  Main focus for one and one training is building a foundation that sustains the actors toolbox.



Acting for film is a class that focuses on diving into scripts and approaching the material with imagination and helping the actors make real and organic choices. Learning how to understand the characters motives, choices and wants. This acting on film class works on bringing nuances to life and focuses on being present. During this class we work on the basic questions, physical warmups, speech. We talk about the business and what casting directors look for in terms of professionalism and how to properly send in a self tape. We talk about importance of detective work for scene and character development. We will be recording pieces for students so they are able to see their progress throughout the class and by then end they can use footage for auditions, demo, casting sites and reel.

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